2013 m. gruodžio 28 d., šeštadienis

Pavymui, pilnesniam Kriso portretui susidaryti citata iš Jean Liedloff knygos "The Continuum Concept", tikiuosi, dauguma skaito angliškai:

""Slob syndrom" is another common manifestation of deprivation in infancy. The slob, like the drooling, tousled baby, wants to be loved simply because he exists and precludes his having done anything to qualify the feelings towards him by pleasing behaviour. He smacks his lips to make himself feel that anyone who  is near him is glad to know he is enjoying his food; he imposes his physical presence wherever he can, leaving ash or stains or litter to bear witness to his existence, challenging all presents to reject him and hid right to be loved. As he finds he is rejected, he then reinforces his sad statements to mother cosmos: "You see? No one loves me because you don't bother to wipe my chin!" And he barges on his way, unwashed, unkempt and accidentally stepping on everyone's toes. <...> The compulsive academic, the endless taker of degrees and lifelong inhabitant of colleges in one capacity or another, has made of alma mater a fairly adaptable mother surrogate. The institution is bigger and more stable than he. It rewards good and bad behaviour quite predictably. It protects from the cold, hard world outside, which is too risky for the inadequate emotional equipment of a deprived infant grown up. The adult desire to test oneself against the world's challenges, and thus to further one's development, cannot come into being in the unassured personality, no matter what its age."

Čia kaip iš akies trauktas Krisas - atsikėlęs ar peržengęs per slenkstį jis leidžia keistus garsus, dūsauja, krenkščia, riaugėja - kad visi girdėtų "aš čia".
Viskas aplink jį apradbstyta ir apversta kalnu šiukšlių - žymi savo egzistavimą.
Jei galėtų, mokytųsi toliau, dabar galvoja apie doktorantūrą...

Nereikia iškreipti mano žodžių - ne kiekvienas doktorantas ir akademikas yra toks. Mokytis yra labai gerai! Aš už universitetus ir žinias. Ir riaugėti, ir kosėti irgi normalu! Visi tai daro.
Toks tas mūsų Krisas.